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2014-10-15 Puppies are born..

2014-10-11 Puppies Expected. More info coming ...

2014-09-27  INT Dog Show Eckerö  Tatonka Capo The Cry Wolf --
BOB CAC CACIB and today Finch and Internationell Champion

New Titel: C.I.B NJV-11 SE ch FI ch Tatonka Capo The Cry wolf.

2014-06-01 Great aslan aramis exc, cq, 2 best male With cac :-)

2014-03-12 new photo's of puppies

2014-01-27 Puppies born 26/1-14 

2014-01-26 Website under construction ...

2013-09-10 New Photo's Of D-Litter (Litter4) 10 months old

2013-09-08 Rostock Sieger CACIB show:

Tatonka Capo the Crywolf  Exc 1 CAC CACIB
Tatonka Cruella De Vil of GA Exc 2 R-CAC R-CACIB

2013-09-07 DCBT show in Rostock:
Tatonka Capo the Crywolf  Exc1 champion class BOB
Tatonka Cruella De Vil of GA Exc 2 champion class

We also want to say thanks to our great friend and handler Fredrik for showing theese 2 fantastic dogs breed by us.


2013-06-02 Carmichael's Clear Diamond Of G-A NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION, Tierra's White Rock Turk EXC 1 with CAC ,Open Class males in Norrköping

2013-03-09 Strängnäs INT Tatonka Cruella De Vil of GA Exc 1 Ch Class Second best female R-Cacib Tatonka Capo the Crywolf Exc 1 Ch Class BOS with Cacib

2013-01-05 Great start of the new year, New Swedish Champion, My Dog NAT-INT Gothenburg : Tatonka Cruella DeVil Of G-A

2012-12-25 We wish All of our friend's and family A Merry christmas & A Happy New year ! This year has been great for tatonka kennel and we are looking forward to see what 2013 will bring us :-)

2012-12-19 No Puppies Avalible

2012-11-27 New Photo's of Puppies 4 weeks old.

2012-11-17 New Photo's of Puppies 2 weeks old.

2012-11-12 Puppies 2 weeks old

2012-11-04 Tatonka Capo The Crywolf BOB CAC CACIB new Swedish champion.

2012-10-29 Puppies Born, 3 males & 3 females. more info under puppies

2012-08-26 Kiki De Leon-Eddy SM Silver day 1 maxpull 956kg, p4p 40,85. Day 2 maxpull 1100kg p4p 47,01 . At Swedish Championship weightpull 2012 Gothenburg.

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